According to the Bylaws of our Lodge, the following Committees are Standing Committees.  Any other committee is ad hoc, serving at the discretion of the Master.(The following is taken from Section 3 of the Bylaws of SGBF#45, as amended)

A.  Relief Committee:  The committee shall consist of the Worshipful Master, and the Senior and Junior Wardens.  The committee shall have the duty of reviewing and deciding all applications for relief over which the Lodge has jurisdiction and to make recommendations to the Lodge for appropriate action.

Contact: The Worshipful Master

B. Auditing Committee: (1) The committee shall audit all accounts referred to it by the Lodge, examine all books, accounts and vouchers of the Treasurer and the monies and securities of the Lodge. (2)    The committee shall submit to the Lodge, at the November Stated Communication, a detailed report of the receipts and disbursements during the year ending with the communication in September. Such report shall be in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. 

Contact: The Chairman

C.  Proficiency Committee:  The Proficiency Committee shall have the duty to instruct all candidates for degrees and, prior to advancement, test said candidates and report to the Lodge on the candidates’ proficiency.

Contact: The Junior Warden

D. Welfare Committee: (1)  The Welfare Committee shall consist of three sub-committees, consisting of a sub-committee to Visit the Sick, Funeral sub-committee, and Blood Donor sub-committee. (2) The sub-committee to Visit the Sick shall visit with the sick Brethren of the Lodge when requested to do so. (3) The Funeral sub-committee shall notify Brethren of funerals and arrange visits to houses of mourning. (4)  The Blood Donor sub-committee shall provide access to blood when needed by a Lodge member; arrange and conduct blood drives.

Contact (Visit the Sick): The Chairman

Contact (Funerals): The Chairman

Contact (Blood Donor): this sub-committee is currently not in existence

E. Investment Committee: (1) The Committee shall be responsible for the management of the investments of the Lodge.  The Committee may, to manage these investments, recommend to the Trustees that they secure the services of a professional portfolio manager, who shall have the responsibility for buying and selling financial securities on behalf of the Trustees of the Lodge.  (2) A portion of the portfolio account is to be maintained separately and shall consist of liquid assets to defray the normal expenses of the Lodge.  (3) The allocation of holdings of types of securities shall be recommended to the Trustees by the Committee from time to time.  (4) The Committee shall review the performance of the portfolio manager at least twice a year.

Contact: The Trustees

F.   By-Laws Committee: (1) The By-Laws Committee shall review, prior to the next Stated Communication, all proposed amendments and Standing Resolutions, prior to voting, to insure the legality and appropriateness of form and content.  (2) The Committee shall meet from time to time to review the By-Laws and may proposed amendments thereto.

Contact: The Chairman

Standing Committees

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